confident. competent. kind.

Thanks for your interest in a career at White Horse! Whether its your first job, you’re a seasoned veteran or you are looking for a change, we’re glad you have decided to reach out.

Please scroll below to fill out our application and feel free to stop by the store where you prefer to work to follow up.

We are a growing company that is actively looking for people with exceptional customer service skills, good work ethics and a willingness to get the job done right the first time. A love for cars, management experience and being mechanically inclined helps too!



-Love cars, people and getting the job done right the first time

-Want to help build a growing company

-Aren’t scared to make decisions or suggest improvements

-Enjoy leading large groups of people towards a common goal

-Don’t want to get stuck at a “desk job”



-Are changing an industry

-Surprise our customers with a mini-detail, quickly at a reasonable cost

-Value hard work, dedication and good attitudes

-Provide above average pay, benefits and flexible work schedules

-Will proved training necessary

Now hiring Assistant Managers, Supervisors and those who aspire to do so in the future. Multiple positions available at multiple locations (Woodbridge, Warrenton & Charlottesville, other locations coming soon).


Current Job Openings