The carwash has an unusually large amount of queuing area prior to cars having the chance to spill out on Charles Arrington Drive, and the last thing we want as business owners and neighbors is create an unnecessary headache for our neighbors. Below is a depiction of the total queuing area prior to cars reaching Charles Arrington Drive.

Total Queuing Area

Even without including the area all the way to Charles Arrington Drive, the carwash has approximately 40 spaces of queuing area prior to interfering with traffic to the shopping center. Fairfax County code requires 10 spaces. White Horse is projecting 150 vehicles per day. Thus, the existing queuing is more than 4x+ the required stacking; and approximately 25% the average daily volume projected. For reference, our hourly volume is generally well distributed throughout our hours of operation.

Queuing Area not interfering with the Shopping Center

Equipment Selection & Operating Model Matter

White Horse is not a traditional carwash. It uses the most technologically advanced equipment available, which is capable of clearing a 40 car queue in just 20 minutes. In addition, White Horse operates a flex-serve carwash, which is capable of more efficient throughput as it does not vacuum cars prior to entering the carwash tunnel as most older operating models continue to do. This allows for customers opting for the exterior-only service to use the facility without having to wait for customers ahead of the queue to receive the interior vacuum service. It is also keeps customers in their cars during the exterior portion of the service, thus eliminating time needed for exterior-only customers to exit and re-enter their vehicles.