What are the carwash’s hours of operation?

8:00AM to 7:00PM

Will stacking for the carwash interfere with delivery trucks and emergency vehicles for the shopping center?

The main entrance to the shopping center from Charles Arrington Drive provides access to two travelways.  The northern travelway, shown in red below, in turn, provides access to the carwash stacking.  It does not provide access to the shopping center building.  The southern travelway, shown in blue below, provides direct access to the shopping center building.  There is no access to the carwash from the blue travelway.  Thus, emergency access and deliveries to the shopping center will always be available.

What about the delivery trucks that currently park on the parcel?

The shopping center owner advises that the delivery trucks do not service the existing tenants and are not associated with the shopping center.  The shopping center owner has attempted to curtail the truck use in the past due to neighbor complaints about the early morning noise.  The proposed use will eliminate the open area where the trucks park.

Will the applicant reduce the height of the building to address sight-lines for residences?

Yes. We met with our architect and have redesigned the facility to reduce the height of the tower structure closest to the residences.