Unlimited Plans

Due to popular demand, we are now offering our new unlimited plan which will allow you to wash your vehicle as many times as you like in one month. We have two options: the Unlimited Exterior Plan for a flat rate of $24.99 per month, which allows for upgrades to interior cleaning for just $10 per visit (unlimited Win packages with discounts for an upgrade to the interior service); or the Unlimited Full Service Plan for a flat rate of $42.99 per month (unlimited Superfecta packages).

The benefits of the unlimited plan are: wash up to 31x per month, cancel any time, automatically renews, and receive a discount when you add family members to a Full Service Plan.

Have a fleet? Need them all cleaned?

Commercial Full Service Plans available for $65.00/mo. Interested in having the cleanest fleet of cars in Northern Virginia? Part of a government agency relying on commercial fuel solutions to keep you on the road? White Horse Auto Wash offers house accounts for any business, big or small! Plus, our Woodbridge location proudly accepts WEX and US Bank Voyager cards as a form of payment for all services. Already have a WEX card? Ask your fleet administrator if White Horse Auto Wash is an approved vendor!

To request more information or to speak with a wash manager about enrolling your enterprise, use the contact link at the top of the screen, or stop in and ask to speak with someone about fleet services!



Car Wash Services

Full Service

Superfecta – Sedan $35     SUV $36

• Basic wash • Towel Dry • Undercarriage Rinse • Triple Foam Polish • Wheel Treatment • Rain Repellant • Tire Shine • Door Jambs • Vacuum Carpet & Seats • Wipe Cup Holders/Dash & Console/Door Panels • Vents Cleaned With Compressed Air • Windows Inside/Out • Fragrance

Trifecta – Sedan $25      SUV $26

• Basic Wash • Towel dry • Undercarriage Rinse • Triple Foam Polish •Tire Shine • Vacuum Carpet & Seats • Wipe Dash & Console/Cup Holders • Windows Inside/Out • Fragrance

Exacta – Sedan $20     SUV $21

• Basic Wash • Towel Dry •Vacuum Carpet • Wipe Dash & Console • Windows Inside/Out • Fragrance

Exterior Only

Win –  $18

• Basic Wash • Towel Dry • Undercarriage Rinse • Triple Foam Polish • Wheel Treatment • Rain Repellant • Tire shine

Place –  $13

• Basic Wash • Towel Dry  • Undercarriage Rinse • Triple Foam • Polish

Show – $9

• Basic Wash • Towel Dry

à la carte

Rain Repellant                 $6

Carnauba Foam Wax      $8

Tire Shine                         $6

Rubber Mats cleaned      $6

Mat Shampoo                  $10 per row

Express Detail Services

Carnauba Hand Wax – $20

Must buy a car wash. Hand buff finish.

Contains High concentrations of Brazillian Carnauba Wax.

Premium Wax – Sedan $43     SUV $46

Must buy a car wash. Orbital Buffer used to polish and protect.

Meticulous – Sedan $58   SUV $60

Too long between visits? Pet hair, food, dirt in your carpets?

This may be the option for you. Ask a sales advisor for details.

Ask a service adviser about our FULL DETAIL service.


Auto Detailing

Our Detailers are determined to make your vehicle look and feel like new again. Our Detailers are trained to help you protect your investment by maintaining the factory finish of both the interior and exterior. Whether you are getting ready to sell or trade-in, give it to a loved one or just need deep down cleaning, let one of our professional Detailers take a look. It is important to note that we service vehicles of all sizes and all conditions so service times and prices are only an estimate. The detailer and location manager will give you a more specific estimate so you can better plan your day and your budget. 

Click Here to Schedule Online!

Interior Detail (Includes basic exterior wash)

Medium: $99 | Large: $129 | X-Large: $139  

Deep clean of jambs, cracks, door pockets, ashtrays, glove box, and crevices. Shampoo of all carpets, mats and cloth seats. All leather is cleaned, conditioned and treated. Plastic and vinyl are cleaned and dressed. This service is truly an excellent gift for parents with kids, those who travel frequently for work or those stuck in traffic. Also highly recommended for any potential sale of the vehicle or with the purchase of a used vehicle.

Estimated Time: 1.5-2.5 hours pending average condition of the interior.

Frequency: as needed.


Biozym: $20

Biozym cleaning is an enzyme based cleaner that attacks organic material in the vehicle. The treatment continues to work days after the detail. Highly recommended for allergies, vehicles that shuttle small children, etc.

Deodorizer: $40-$60

The Deodorizer treatment includes extensive steps to clean and eliminate unwanted odors or fragrances. The process includes cleaning at the source of the problem followed by a further treatment to vents and air ducts. Vehicles with extreme odors associated with smoke, skunks, milk, smelly teenagers, etc. Please note that some odors can find ways to embed themselves into the padding of a vehicle’s interior and are unable to be serviced by White Horse. Bodyshops and other vendors can help to remove/replace padding if necessary. Our philosophy is to start with the least expensive option and do more as the problem requires.

Basic Exterior Detail (Includes interior windows and vacuum of floors)

Medium: $99 | Large: $109 | X-Large: $119  

Meant to restore and maintain the showroom finish. Basic wash followed by clay bar removal of surface contaminants. Polish & wax with an orbital buffer. Paint sealant applied by hand. Exterior trim treated with polymer sealant to revive faded plastic. Wheels cleaned & tires dressed. Darker colored cars are recommended to consider upgrading to the Compound service as surface scratches are more visible with darker colors. An excellent way to maintain the vehicle. 

Estimated Time: 1.00-1.25 hours

Frequency: Before and after winter


Paste Wax: $15

Our Basic Exterior Detail includes polymer based polishing wax that is in a liquid format. It does an excellent job on most vehicles. Our Paste Wax is even better. This product is in a solid format and is loaded with pure Brazilian Carnauba, which is only grown in the northeastern Brazilian states of Piaui, Ceara, and Rio Grande Norte. The wax adheres to paint and creates an excellent bond, which can help to create a shield of protection that can last up to 3-4 months longer than the wax used on our Basic Exterior Detail.

Compound: $50-$100

Compounding the vehicle adds a 5th step to the process used to restore and maintain the painted surface. Compounding is the process by which a gritty liquid based solution is applied gently to the paint to smooth out the existing surface or clear coat scratches. Often visible scratches are simply the light reflecting off inconsistencies in the paint and not a complete loss of paint. Compounding helps to smooth out the painted surface for a more brilliant shine and helps to restore the surface to its original resilience. White Horse does not use high-speed, single direction buffer at our locations, which can easily lead to hologram and uneven surfaces if used by an untrained detailer. Our compound is applied with a dual action buffer that allows for enough action for surfaces scratches to be removed without the high degree of risk associated with high-speed buffers.

Full Detail 

Medium: $189 | Large: $229 | X-Large: $249 

Includes both our Base Exterior Detail and the Interior Detail services described above. The price is designed to offer our customers a discount for opting for the bumper-to-bumper service. This is an excellent way to restore your vehicle to as close to new condition as possible and highly recommended for those who intend to sell, trade-in or gift a vehicle. Excellent gift for Mom, Dad, Co-worker, Commuter, Graduate, First Job (or interview), First Date, etc.

Estimated Time: 2.75 to 3.50 hours, pending decent condition

Recommended Frequency: Semi-annual if well maintained


NOTE: All services require a detailer to inspect the vehicle for accurate timing and pricing. Pricing is based on the size and condition of the vehicle. 

Chart & Guidance:
Medium: convertibles, sedans, small hatchbacks, etc.
Large: SUV’s, Trucks, Jeeps & Crossovers
X-Large: Mini-vans, Vans, Extended SUV’s (Suburban, Expedition, etc.)

(The guidance above establishes broad categories. Vehicles in a ‘gray area’ will be determined by White Horse Management, and White Horse reserves the right to charge extra for extraordinary circumstances — 15-passenger van, limos, etc.)